We jumped into what seemed impossible, and we've finally made it. Learn More Others say it's technology, but it's actually because of the invisible efforts of many people.
We are the ones who work with you with a humble attitude.
MicroHouse is our first project that shows our philosophy aginst the building industry. Learn More Building is just a multiple space for human. We look beyond the style of Architecture. Develop manufacturing technology for cost efficiency and Architectural aesthetics Learn More Lost PLA Investment Casting can produce complex member joint detail. Freeform AL panel facade system for AnGang KTX station Learn More Small budget, but best quality as same as befor. Off-Site Construction technology will provide us cost efficiency and low carbon emission Learn More Not only cost saving, but also time reducing, if we are work together.

About us

Digital Fabrication for Architecture 

We provide professional service for the off-site construction and unitized modular facade system with BIM technology.  

What we do

We provide factory-made building units services.

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