3D volumes should be measured in 3D

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Cut and fill volumetric measurement directly on a 3D point cloud.

In most drone-based volumetric measurement tools, the user draws a 2D polygon in an orthophoto (2D image). Behind the scenes, the algorithm projects these points onto a digital surface model, creates a base surface, and measures the cut and fill of the site, compared to the base. A number comes back, but did the algorithm really make the right measurement? It’s hard to say. That’s why Reconstruct has built the first online truly 3D measurement tool for volumetric measurements.

How does this help? Let’s create a measurement. As I place or drag point, the measurement calculation is updated in real time. Below is my initial selection.

First attempt to define area around stockpile.

Looks pretty good right? Let’s look at it from another viewpoint to check.

Whoops! From this view, we can see that one of the points was accidentally placed on a truck, causing the base surface to rise above the ground. Easy to miss in a top-down view.

Now let’s fix that point placement.

After fixing the wayward point, the Fill changed by 300+ cubic yards. Good thing I caught that!

This is just one illustration why 3D measurements should be performed in a 3D interface. In a top-down view, you draw your area and hope for the best. In 3D, you can check the placement of your points and verify the base surface, giving you confidence in your measurement.

To summarize, with the Reconstruct volumetric measurement tool, you can:

  • Select area to measure by clicking points within a 3D viewer
  • Get instant volumetric calculations as you drag or add points
  • Choose base surface as lowest point, plane fit, or general surface fit
  • View the base surface and the captured surface in 3D to make sure you’re measuring the right thing
  • Compute and compare volumetric measurements across time
Calculate, save, and share measurements of multiple stockpiles. Compare and find differences over time.

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