Monday, April 24, 2017


By leejaekyung, in news on .

Korea President Park, there are behind power group which is “Queen Maker”. President Park always doesn’t discuss with her officialdom when she needs to decide something. When she picked up prime minister, she picked up twice, nobody didn’t know how she choose some person. But every prime minister candidates does not good person for heavy responsibility, so President Park failed to take a prime minister. At that time there is a suspicion of behind power group who has decision for President’s mind.

After July of 2016, head of Prosecution had been imprisoned because of receiving hundreds of billions of Won bribe. There another suspicion has appeared. That head of Prosecution could be connected with President, because when hire head of Prosecution, there have to pass Blue House(President)’s investigation. But the Blue House closed their eyes.

There is a guy his name is Woo, who has a role that watch President’s corruption. But Mr. Woo doesn’t doing his job. He didn’t see, and didn’t watch President’s corruptions.
However, Media, which is JTBC, searched a lots of evidence for Mr. Woo and President’s corruptions. JTBC found a laptop that has a lot of file that is a prove of existence of Queen Maker.

This serious political corruption can not be controlled normal national system. People who has anger of this situation, go to the “Gwanghwa-moon” square, they are more then 1 million peoples. They shout out “Park Geun-hye” retires.

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